We provide the best
petroleum products
produced by
industriesat home
and abroad(China,

We provide various products including fuel oil like diesel, bunker-C oil, engine oil for construction machinery and hydraulic oil for industrial machine at right time through our national distributing networks.

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Main Item

Engine Oil
The top notch engine oil which protect engines and make them clean
Hydraulic Oil
Containing high quality lubricating oil and wear-resistant additives for protecting hydraulic parts and smooth operation of heavy vehicles, cars and industrial machine
General-purpose extreme pressure grease containing lithium grease thickener and extreme-pressure additives
Gear Oil
Containing sulfur-phosphorus extreme-pressure additives and high quality lubricating oil for protection from abrasion and shock loading and smoother operation
Sliding Oil
Specialized lubricant for machine tools’ slide face

Major Customers

Hyundai Kia Motors, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Hyundai Doosan Infracore, Hyundai Steel, Dongkuk Steel Mill